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Welcome to the official website for the Congressional Campaign for David Gokshtein. As the campaign progresses, check back frequently for updates or sign up for our newsletter. David Gokhshtein [R] is running for 1st Congressional District of New York in 2020 and would appreciate your support. When we say "support", note that we mean moral support, volunteerism, and helping to spread our message. David Gokhshtein will not accept any monetary donations. The Donation portion of this site has been disabled for that purpose.


Friday, December 27, 2019 8:05 PM

Sample Campaign News Item

Due to the nature of David's campaign, the mainstream media has been reluctant to cover him. Many pundits and outlets have narrow views on cryptocurrency, but we endeavor to change the public understanding on the subject. Those outlets brave enough to address the subject will be highlighted here.

Committee to Elect David Gokhshtein
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