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About David

David Gokhshtein is a New York native and entrepreneur with a focus on American industries leading innovation globally. He decided to run for Congress to bring back the proud tradition of America leading the world at the forefront of technology. Over the last decade, the United States has turned a blind eye to the largest leaps forward in the fields of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

The fearful attitude towards these innovations have caused America to be left behind by those countries more accepting of this inevitable technological revolution. This is much to our detriment, especially within the Republican party. This is a party that purports to support the free market, lessened regulations, and keeping American jobs stateside. The opposite is happening, unfortunately. The market is being hindered by overregulation, by institutions that are undereducated about the subject matter- causing the best and brightest in these fields to move abroad where their talents are appreciated.

Reforming our outdated policies to incubate these nascent technologies and, more importantly, performing a massive overhaul in our nation's education system to prepare the next generation for the future are David Gokhshtein's 2 primary campaign goals.

Learn more about David's background and business endeavors in the article below: David Gokhshtein: Building a Brighter Tomorrow

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